About Us

ISI is a privately owned Atlanta based technology company serving the southeast with telecommunication needs.  We service a broad spectrum of client needs in the hospitality industry.  Our focus is finding the best solution for our clients objectives and vision.

What drives us
ISI's business philosophy is to "do it right the first time".  ISI provides a high quality product and reliable service for customers. Our clients know us best as "service after the sale".  We strive to exceed all of our clients expectations.  We our proud that our company's advertising has consisted of happy customers referring other furure customers.

ISI was started by William (Bill) Lemcke in 1976 when he recognized a need in the telecommunications industry for quality products and services at fair prices.

With a work history that included such companies as Western Electric, Southern Bell, and RCA coupled with a degree he earned from Georgia Tech in Electronic Communications and Electrical Engineering, Bill began offering cross-bar type telephone systems, televisions, and Master Antenna systems.  He pioneered in offering in-house financing at favorable terms to qualified customers.  This became a way of doing business which the company continues today.

ISI has served a niche market and by doing so have become specialist in what small to mid-size hotels really need in the way of communications.  With a large customer base, ISI has distinguished itself as being a company small enough to know their customers, but large enough to serve their needs.

With strategic alliances with Mitel, IP3, InnOvation Technologies Worldwide, Tel Electronics, Teledex, Scitec, and Telematrix, ISI is well equiped to continue providing quality products and services at fair prices to its customers well into the twenty-first centry.


Our Mission

To provide our clients consulting, hardware, and services that maximize the value and effectiveness of their communications needs.

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